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ISBN-13: 9780190849795

2019 | Oxford University Press
Making Change: Youth Social Entrepreneurship as an Approach to Positive Youth and Community Development

Making Change connects multiple fields of practices and scholarship to explore a youth-focused model for promoting social justice. Social entrepreneurship creates opportunities, especially for youth in marginalized communities where the opportunity gap, suppressed social mobility, and economic disparity are most profound. In such settings, engaging youth as leaders of social change offers the potentially exponential benefits of personal empowerment, community improvement, and economic transformation. Written for audiences in both academia and in the field of youth work, Making Change advances the fields of positive youth development and community enhancement by linking youth social entrepreneurship as a means to socially just impact.

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Policy & Practice
(forthcoming) | UN World Youth Report
​Youth Social Entrepreneurship and the 2030 Agenda


This themed report will bring together experts and representatives from academia, United Nations entities, and intergovernmental organizations as well as young social entrepreneurs, to discuss the following overarching questions: How do young social entrepreneurs support socio-economic advancement, help vulnerable groups access opportunities and ultimately contribute to system change? What is needed for youth social entrepreneurship to be an effective tool towards the 2030 Agenda? How can governments put in place enabling ecosystems for youth social entrepreneurship to significantly help advance the 2030 Agenda?

Chapter 3 of this report by Tina P. Kruse

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February 2015 | Sundance Family Foundation
Youth Social Entrepreneurship: Advancing the Field


This white paper seeks to clarify what Youth Social Entrepreneurship looks like in practice in the US, providing a framework for thinking about and implementing Youth Social Entrepreneurship as an approach to positive youth development and social change.

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